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Imaging crystal stress in diamond using ensembles of nitrogen-vacancy centers




  • Kehayias, Pauli, Turner, M. J., Trubko, R., Schloss, J. M., Hart, C. A., Wesson, M., Glenn, D. R. and Walsworth, Ronald L.


  • We present a micrometer-scale-resolution stress imaging method with millimeter field-of-view for diamonds containing a thin surface layer of nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers. In this method, we reconstruct stress tensor elements over a two-dimensional field of view from NV optically detected magnetic resonance (ODMR) spectra. We use this technique to study how stress inhomogeneity affects NV magnetometry performance and show how NV Mz ,? imaging is a useful and direct way to assess these effects. This tool for mapping stress in diamond will aid optimization of NV-diamond sensing, with wide-ranging applications in the physical and life sciences.

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  • 2019



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