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Ruiz, Gregory

Fellowship Advisor Smithsonian Environmental Research Center staff

Population and community ecology of marine and estuarine ecosystems; animal behavior; larval recruitment of marine invertebrates; ecological parasitology; life history evolution; predator-prey interactions; invasion biology and transfer.

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    • Santagata, S. and Ruiz, Gregory M. 2007. Final report for the project "Identifying, verifying, and establishing options for best management practices for NOBOB Vessels", Reid, D. F., Johengen, T., MacIsaac, H. J., Dobbs, F. C., Doblin, M., Drake, L., Ruiz, Gregory M., Jenkins, P. T., Santagata, S., van Overdijk, C., Gray, D., Ellis, S., Hong, Y., Tang, Y., Thomson, F., Heinemann, S., and Rondon, S., editors. Ann Arbor, MI: Great Lakes Protection Fund by University of Michigan, Cooperative Institute for Limnology and Ecosystems Research. 2007
    • deRivera, C. E., Steves, B. P., Ruiz, Gregory M., Fofonoff, Paul W., and Hines, Anson H., editors. 2007. Northward spread of marine NIS along western North America: Forecasting risk of colonization in Alaskan waters using environmental niche modeling. Portland, OR: Aquatic Invasion Research & Policy Institute, Portalnd State University. 2007

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